Services we offer for you
Our services make us who we are today.
Promotion System
We are always open to staff promotions. We pick people based completely on their activity on-road and discord as well. If a driver has served that role for 1 month then he is eligible for staff role and maybe given staff privileges by the management.
Regular Convoys
Here at Falcon Trucking, we have private weekly convoys.ETS2 convoys are on Saturdays and ATS on Sundays both starting at 4 PM GMT. We often participate in other VTC events and TMP convoys which we are invited with pre-booked slots for the drivers.
Auto Job Logger
Here at Falcon trucking, we try to make the driver's life easier by avoiding the hassle for logging every journey took. Instead, we use dedicated software which helps us see how many miles you have traveled and compare it with others.
Custom Dashboard
We have a custom dashboard where VTC members can see the total stats of deliveries and compare it with other members.
Experienced Staff
Our experienced staff has been trained to the best of their abilities to provide the support and ongoing growth of the VTC.
Single Player Mods
We have single-player mods ranging from paint jobs to custom garage prefabs. We keep improving them and designing new ones.

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