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What is a VTC?

A VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company just like real-life trucking companies with some driving requirements providing weekly convoys, private/public events, drive together etc..

What is your application process?

Our application process is very simple, first, you need to apply on the website, and join the discord link which will be at the end of the form submission. After you do join it will take you to our interview discord this is so one of our HR’s can check your TMP account and your Steam account if all of that goes well you will advance into our next stage which will include a driving test and a reverse parking test if all of this goes well. Welcome to Falcon Trucking

Do you guys have a promotion system?

We do have a promotion system in the VTC you accomplish them by driving in the convoy and logging jobs but not so easy to get them.

Do i need to log jobs and if so how?

You need to log jobs for the VTC. That’s how we look at your activity inside the VTC.

We use an auto Job logger with a dedicated dashboard to look at and compare your jobs with other drivers. HRs will guide you with all that while having an interview.

Do you have minimum requirements weekly/monthly?

We do have minimum requirement for weekly and monthly. This helps us to differentiate between active and inactive people in the VTC. Inactive drivers will be removed from VTC from time to time. We require you to do a minimum of 150 km weekly or attend 1 convoy per month.

When are you convoys held?

Our convoys are held on Saturday and Sunday both starting at 4 pm GMT. Saturday host Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoys. Meanwhile, Sunday hosts American Truck Simulator convoys. We do attend public convoys and other VTC events too.

Do you have mods for single player?

We do offer you with single-player mods. Of course, mods work only on single-player only.  You won’t feel lonely when you are driving alone with these mods. We always try our best to give you the best.

Do you play any other games?

We officially support ETS2 and ATS only but unofficially we play a lot of games with other drivers. We play games like FS19, Csgo, COD etc.. Oh wait! We do have movie night with falconites every Wednesday.

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