New Redesigned Website

Greetings from Falconites!

We hope you are doing well and staying sane in all this pandemic madness. The lockdown has affected most of us and disrupted the usual cycle of events. But we took this free time as an opportunity to revive our old website and add more content to it. It is now packed with some amazing content from our valuable members.

New Updates for you

The new website with most of the sections revamped

  1. Our new fantastic gallery
  2. Staff page which includes roles
  3. Reviews from our drivers
  4. Blog post with exciting updates
  5. Spam-free contact us and quick contact and many more…!

If you are wanted to join our wonderful and friendly VTC family, you can use our new site. We have invested a fair amount of time on this new website and we are glad that we have received a good response from the testers.
We will also be looking forward to maintaining our blog and update it often.