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In Brief about Falcon Tr
Like all Major enterprises, Falcon Trucking began its operations with a humble beginning.

We established this Virtual Trucking Company on the 10th of March 2018 with the hope of becoming the most friendly and professional community that we have now become. The drivers are provided with the opportunity to work with all the factors they might face in a real-life company. We have implemented all the necessary VTC features along with more innovative ideas that are going to help the community for the future as well as the present.

Almost 3 years of service
When we started Falcon Trucking, we were only concentrating on Euro Truck Simulator 2,

However, on the 20th of August, we took our first step into the ATS Division.
Unlike other VTC’s our recruitment is implemented in a smooth, systematic, and professional way and the requests are validated by the staff personally.

For almost 3 years now we have been a very professional, well managed, realistic, and friendly VTC. We have Very well-organized Weekly convoys and we also have a signature paint job for our trucks and trailer which won many heart in the truck fests.

Our Logo
Falcon Logo History

We wanted our Logo to be Conceptual, Creative, and Beautiful. The name Falcon came to us as it symbolizes royalty, vision, and speed. They’re thought to migrate as much as 15,500 miles a year, traveling between continents. Now that’s dedication!

We never settled until we got the right logo for us.

Version 1

1st Logo came out on – March 2018. Our Initial Version of the Logo had 4 Different Colours in it. Green, Yellow, White, and Blue. Half Moon and Half sun represent Day and Night. Flying Falcon Represents the never-ending journey.

Version 2

2nd Logo came out on – April 2018. Blue is our favorite color always. So we thought of redesigning the initial version of the logo with much resemblance to the game. We added a Truck tire written falcon trucking on it. Here the falcon moves the tire.


The current logo is most appreciated and the most loved among the community. We designed this logo and released in September 2018. It has a flying falcon as a cargo attached to the truck in front. With Blue and Pink colors, it justifies both our name and purpose of the logo.

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